• Charles Leslie Jr.

You Really Need To Know This Right Now About Your Potential Guests

Covid-19 came and brought our entire tourism-dependent economy to a grinding halt. The Government of Belize did what they had to do.

Fast forward: GOB is slowly opening up back the economy, and since most businesses are dependent on international travelers, and our borders are still closed, these businesses are having to re-focus their marketing efforts to tap into the local market.

Here is what you need to know about potential guests, and this is not only for the local market, it also applies to the international market...

...and that is: travelers are looking for a bargain. That's it.

They want something from you: they want to go on your tour, stay in your hotel, eat and drink at your restaurant and bar...and they want it for less than it is valued. Preferably way less.

  • This includes the “I-can-afford-a-5-star-resort” crowd. Think about it, when the wealthy customer want the best suite you have, they want to feel like royalty. A royal feeling, for the price of your standard room. Great bargain, right?

  • The same is true when the traveler on a tight budget needs a room, they go for the hostel, which is the best value in their price range. This may be a room with a single bed and shared bath, no a/c and at best a standing fan, and maybe a few more amenities usually found in a more expensive hotel. Great bargain, right?

Whatever end of the budget you serve for the Belize tourism market, make...your...value clear.

What sets you apart from similarly-priced competitors? Got a list? Then make sure to explain it to your potential guests.

Di you come to the conclusion that there’s not much separating you from your competitors? Then pump more value into what you provide.

Do this until there’s so much value attached to your service, that it’s the obvious choice. The best option. Well worth the money… and more...

Given the state of the Belize tourism industry, and the economy at large, it is critically important that you emphasize your value.

People are thinking harder before they separate with their hard earned money.

In conclusion, your marketing needs to be more convincing, because travelers need more convincing.

PS: Please stop the #racetothebottom when it comes to your prices. I talk about protecting your public price here.

How are you adding value to your service?

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