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Over the past 35 years of my life on this pale blue dot, I have been on my own journey in the pursuite of happiness. Now, I must admit, that happiness has different meaning, and different factors will make each person happy.

However, I have identified three pillars that will help guide you towards happiness:

  1. Removing stress from your life

  2. Eating healthy

  3. Physical and mental exercise

The key is not to try and stop something, it is to replace something. The human mind, like the universe does not like voids.

Don't try to be happy. Instead, replace what makes you unhappy with something that does - Do these things, in the order presented below:

Stress: Identify what makes you unhappy and do everything within your power, call upon the universe if you must, and replace people, things, situations that make you stressed; with people, things, situations that matches up with your goals, ambitions and interest. Smile. A lot. As often as you can. It works.

Eating healthy: don't try to stop eating unhealthy food. Gradually replace unhealthy food with healthy food. Time is the most valuable resource known to man, it is also your best ally.

Physical and mental health: don't try to lose 50lbs in 3 months. Work on losing your first 5lbs. Give yourself a reasonable time frame. Losing 5lbs is easier to accomplish than 50lbs. It also easier for the mind and body to keep motivated. Celebrate each 5lbs milestone. Print a picture. Frame it. And put it on your wall, with a note on the bottom, for example. This will keep you motivated and proud of your accomplishments.

Read. Please. I recommend to start with these two books, in this order: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "How to Win Friends and Influence People" . Start slow if you must. A chapter a day. You won't regret it.

That's the formula to being happy. Give it a try.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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