This was one of the first websites our company designed.

In December of 2018, we did what we call our Annual Value Buster, where we completely update, and if necessary, re-design a client's website.

I absolutely enjoy working with this client.


Everything I go to meet with her and after we have concluded our business discussion, I always find myself sitting in one of the beach chair for several hours just relaxing.

This is not one of the large beach front resort where it is easy to become just another guest, this boutique resort has only 4 units...that are situated on one of the most beautiful stretch of beach on the 17 mile-long Placencia Peninsula.

And the owner will make you feel at home.

However, when we did the re-design we wanted to business to have a powerful online presence.

We made sure that once you got on the site, you are immediately presented with large pictures of the property, and its beachfront presence.

We also made sure that reviewing each room and private cabin was easy, as well as making sure that a CTA button was on each page so that when a visitor decides to book or send and inquiry they can do so without leaving the page.


Maya Breeze Inn

Art Director:

Ycela Alpuche-Leslie


Charles Leslie Jr.

Site Design:

Charles Leslie Jr

Logo Update:

Charles Leslie Jr.

Site Features
  • Digitizing & updating logo

  • Custom Code

  • Hover Box

  • Optimized for Desktop & Mobile devices

  • Search Engine Optimized

  • Submitted to Google and Bing

  • Connected to Google Analytics

  • CTA (Call To Action) buttons

  • Custom-designed & Installed Social Media Share Image

  • Installed Favicons

  • Installed contact form

  • Installed HD Slideshow Photo Gallery






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