Social Media Management


Customized Strategies

Personalized social media marketing strategies designed to meet your tourism company’s needs — no more one-size-fits-all solutions.


Active & Flexible

Tourism is an ever-changing, seasonal industry, you have the power to choose where your marketing budget

goes each month.

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Data-Driven Marketing

I use up-to-date data and tools to target the best possible audience for your business type – turning lookers

into bookers!

Build Awareness Of Your Business With Social Media

Social Media Marketing allows you to reach the right audience so that your Leslie Tech Digital website can go even further. The lightning-fast, highly specialized tourism websites I create here at Leslie Tech Digital work especially well when combined with a social media marketing strategy that incorporates features and tackles obstacles unique to the Belize tourism industry.

The Social Media Marketing goal is to increase your Online Presence:

your brand profile, organic search visibility and, ultimately, your online revenue.

From strategic ad campaigns, to content management, I am here to ensure your brand and your Leslie Tech Digital website utilizes the right resources to turn lookers into bookers, increasing your leads and conversions.


SAVE $5,040

3 Years

$140BZ x 36 months

SAVE $3,840

2 Years

$160BZ x 24 months

SAVE $2,040


$170BZ x 12 months


$200BZ / every month

Client | Case Study

I have gotten to know Charles personally over the past 5 years after we have engaged in the production of our Green Clean environmentally friendly cleaning products. He did a quick review of my website at the time for free and gave me a whole list of what is wrong with it and how we can improve it. I must say, I was impressed as I am not the techy in this field of website design and social media advertisements etc.

Charles is a very professional individual and since that time we continued working with him in social media advertisement as he is very creative and in tuned with the latest developments in this area. He always seems to have some idea cooking that he would bounce off me and most important for me is that I can do the same with him and he would always respond with his own unique version of what he thinks and how it could work best. This for me and Green Care Products Ltd is vital in order to allow for necessary feedback in what we are doing in order to get our products recognized within the market space we are in.

If there is anyone I would recommend to get the job done in the field of digital marketing, it would be Charles and his Company, Leslie Tech Digital. I would not hesitate in recommending doing business with Charles and his company simply on the basis of honesty, reliability and integrity in all that they do.


- William Usher | Owner



Green Clean Belize


Time Frame: June 2018 to 2020

Increase From: 1,615

Increase To: 2,724

Increase Growth: 1,109




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