Location-Based Marketing For your Belize Tourism Business

When new visitors arrive in a tourist destination, one of the first things they do is jump on their mobile device and search for local businesses.

They will use apps such as Facebook to search for events, nearby friends, marketplace, offers, recommendations, to name a few.

Apps like Google Map will automatically show them nearby businesses. And a quick search for gift shops, restaurants, tour operators, cafes, stores...will show and prioritize all those businesses that have gone through the effort of getting their business listed.

How We Can Help You

You need the phone to ring, bookings coming in. For that to happen, your business needs to be visible in the local search results - particularly Google Maps, Google Places, Facebook, TripAdvisor and more.


You also want to appear at the top of the search listings when a potential client searches for a Belize tourism-related business (ie "hotel in Placencia" or "restaurants in Caye Caulker").

We'll make sure your business is listed in the all the right places, thus increasing your online presence.


Making sure your business is listed in the places where mobile customers are looking, is very important. 


That means large search engine directories such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, which have built-in map services that consumers can use to find local businesses when they're on the go.

Don't forget TripAdvisor, which is exclusive for tourism-related businesses.

Keep Your Profiles Updated

Almost as important as being listed is keeping the online profiles for your business up to date, with accurate street addresses, phone numbers and other relevant information.


Consumers who can't find or contact you via the Web are less likely to become customers.

Facebook: Check-Ins

leverage the social media accounts of your customers to promote your brand. It works like this: when customers arrive at your business, they can use their smartphone to "check in."

This shares the customer's location with their social media contacts. In effect, a check-in acts as a recommendation, and that recommendation could convince others to give your business a try.

Business owners can't control which customers choose to check in at their businesses, but they can provide incentives.


For example, consider offering a small discount for any customer who checks in at your business via a social media profile.


And make sure to remind customers of those rewards.

Google My Business

Visitors want to know which locations are nearby, but they also want to know which ones are worth visiting.


When they use their smartphone to find local businesses, they're likely to browse reviews on platforms such as Google Maps before deciding where to go.

More and more people are also starting to use this platform to give reviews.

Positive ratings can go a long way toward turning a potential customer into a real one.  Get a negative review? consider a polite, professional response.

Encourage satisfied customers to log on and leave reviews. Of course, providing an excellent product or service will always be the best path to a glowing consumer review.

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