Prior to starting Leslie Tech Digital, I worked at the Placencia Tourism Center (my first job out of college).

Here I learned about (and fell in love with) web design and marketing.

After leaving the PTC I went and started managing our family business - Tarpon Caye Fishing Lodge - as well as open the very first computer/tech business in my hometown of Placencia, with a focus on web design and computer repair.

I came to realize a recurring theme among most tourism business owners in Belize: they either did not have a website or had a website that was several years old, and making changes was difficult, impossible, or far too expensive (imagine a tour operator, hotel owner, restaurant operator trying to learn HTML and Javascript).

That wasn’t even the worst of it: all of these sites were gradually becoming, painfully, out-of-date, with no way to stop it!

New technologies would come on the market, but which new feature made it worthwhile building a whole new website for?


Something finally clicked…

  • Why should a tourism website need a total rebuild every time a new change comes along?

  • Why would a web designer wait for a client to request certain updates rather than anticipating that need?

  • Why don’t tourism web design agencies have support dedicated to making all those necessary little changes?

  • What happens to a client’s existing website when a web designer learns a new trick to make websites more effective?

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My Mission

Hi, I am Charles B Leslie. I am looking forward to building your Belize tourism website and getting your licensing (hotel, tour operator) and Gold Standard Certified.

Charles B. Leslie Jr.


High School Diploma in Business Charles Leslie Jr
Associates Degree in Business Charles Leslie Jr
Wix Webmaster Certificate for Charles Leslie Jr
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Wix Certified

I started building websites with Microsoft FrontPage (yikes!), however, when the Wix platform came around, I started using it since it was much quicker to build a client's website, thus cutting costs. 

The Wix platform has grown in leaps and bounds and has allowed me to scale my agency without incurring diminishing returns, which translated to us being able to create top-quality, professional websites for clients, without significantly increasing my rates.

But, there is more: in 2019 I became Wix Partner.

This is part of an elite group of Wix designers from all over the world, where I can all collaborate (remotely) with other Wix Partners on projects - some designers are specialized in certain areas of the platform.

Therefore, if I need assistance with specific design elements, I can tap into the Wix Partner program.

We have even more good news! We are now using Wix's latest tool to design websites for our clients: the powerful Editor X, which allows us to design fully responsive websites.

How does this benefit you?

As mentioned before, this allows my agency to easily scale ..and this translates to you getting a top-quality, professional website that get's you results.

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Charles Leslie Justice of The Peace Certificate

We Keep Improving...For You

Marketing your website is an ever-evolving process. It includes mastering graphics design, desktop publishing, typography, copywriting, photography, video production to name a few.

Our goal is to help your business thrive and get results. Given that people book your services from all over the world, your website is the face of your business.

We aim to put your best foot forward, emphasizing the value of your services, highlighting what sets your company apart, and presenting it all in a clear, appealing, and user-friendly way.

Let me focus on the technical stuff so that you can focus on giving your customers an unforgettable experience.

We realize that clients are looking for a digital agency in Belize that offers a comprehensive package to get their tourism operation fully functional.

This is why we now offer:

Of course, we can incorporate an entire Branding + Licensing + TGS Certification Package which allows us to take care of everything for you...from start to approval.


All Justices of the Peace of Belize are appointed by the Attorney General of Belize and have all such powers, privileges, rights and jurisdiction to act throughout Belize as empowered on them by the Justice of the Peace Act Chapter 119:01 of the Substantive Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2011.

Justices of the Peace serve the public voluntarily, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will and are not allowed to solicit remuneration for any of the services they provide unless allowed under the laws of Belize.


All Justices of the Peace of Belize are expected to exemplify high standards of integrity and honesty at all times while performing the duties of a Justice of the Peace.


A Justice of the Peace who does not comply with the ethics set out in the Justice of the Peace Act can have his appointment revoked.

Jurisdiction and Functions

Every Justice of the Peace and Senior Justice of the Peace shall have concurrent jurisdiction with Magistrates with respect to the following core functions and duties;

  • Issuance of summons and warrants of arrest and other process of the Court;

  • The granting of bail;

  • The taking of recognizances;

  • Remanding of defendants in custody and those charged with offences;

  • The Binding over of parties and witnesses;

  • Witnessing the execution of deeds and other documents;

  • Administering oaths and affirmations in cases allowed by law;

  • Issuing of warrants of apprehension and commitment for safe custody of persons charged with an offence; and

  • Preservation of the peace, and dispersion of all disorderly, unlawful, riotous or tumultuous assemblages.


In addition to the above, all Justices of the Peace of Belize are able to authenticate the written statements of accused persons and ensure that the accused is volunteering the information and not under duress.


Lastly Justices of the Peace can witness the performing of identification parades and any other functions expected of them by any other law.


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